So Online Radio

So Online Radio

by FastCast DWC-LLC

To educate, inform and entertain


Our mission is to represent and promote the diverse interests of our listeners and to put community access and participation at the forefront of our services, without compromising production and content quality.


To be the Community Radio Station of choice for our diverse listeners from all corners of the world by promoting community participation
To promote diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism in our panel of contributors and associates, and the content we broadcast
To develop individual artistic talents and interests of our volunteering staff and the community alike by providing a platform for education, training, and freedom of creative expression. This is undertaken with a view to enhance the quality and relevance of the service we provide our community.
To provide an honest, impartial, and independent broadcasting service free of religious, political, commercial and any other biases that defy our mission and purpose as a Community Radio Station.
To promote community needs, activities, and development by tailoring our planning, production, and broadcasting for the diverse communities we serve.
To ensure our broadcasting reflects the interests of our listening communities whilst remaining informative, educational, and entertaining at all times.


So Online Radio is a non-profit Community Radio Station and as such relies upon donations and other sponsorships to keep the station running and to continue serving our diverse audience. + Listen to So Online Radio Online Radio Station - Skill in English (UK) - Broadcast in Multilanguage