Waverley Bins

Waverley Bins

by Spoke Technology
Are you a Waverley resident? Need to quickly check which bin is being collected next? Want to know when your blue or black bin is being emptied? Enable this skill and Alexa will tell you!

Includes variations in collection days for Christmas and other special collection periods.

This skill uses the postcode from your Alexa device to work out your bin day so you need to have a valid Waverley postcode set and give permission to the skill to access it (you can do this via your Alexa companion app). Privacy is very important to us - we only use your postcode to work out your bin day!

If you have any problems getting the skill to work, please visit https://www.spoketechnology.com/support/ for detailed instructions on setting skill permissions and setting your postcode.

If you think Alexa is telling you the wrong bin day or not recognising a valid postcode, please contact us direct on hello@spoketechnology.com.

Note: we are not associated with, or endorsed by, Waverley Borough Council in any way.