Linn Smart Home

Linn Smart Home

by Linn Products Ltd
With the Linn Smart Home skill, you can now interact with all of your connected Linn network music players by voice.

You can control volume, playback (play, pause, skip), change source, start playing pins and set the standby state. Think of it as an additional handset.

To get started, select the 'Enable Skill' button in the Alexa App to link your Linn account and discover your devices.

You can find more information about associating your Linn devices to your Linn account at

When using this skill, you control your devices using the name of the device you used during setup. Alternatively, you can create an Alexa group, like Bedroom or Living Room and add the device to that group. More information is available at Create a Smart Home Device Group (

Once you know the name or group name for your devices, you can say the following:

"Alexa, set the volume of Kitchen to 50"
"Alexa, turn the volume down on Lounge"
"Alexa, turn the volume down on Bedroom by 20"
"Alexa, turn the volume up on Lounge"
"Alexa, turn the volume up on Bedroom by 10"
"Alexa, mute Living Room"
"Alexa, unmute Morning Room"
"Alexa, turn on Kitchen"
"Alexa, turn off Dining Room"
"Alexa, next on Kids Room"
"Alexa, go forward on Guest Room"
"Alexa, go back on Kitchen"
"Alexa, pause Lounge"

Additionally, you can ask to switch to a named source on your device and start playing. First ensure it has been configured visible, then you can recall it using the name you chose for it.

For example:
"Alexa, switch input to DVD"
"Alexa, switch input to Blu-Ray on Living Room"

Pins are also accessible as channels 1 to 6.

For example:
"Alexa, change channel to 3 on Lounge"

Find more information about connecting smart home devices at Connect a Smart Home Device to Alexa at