by Electric Pocket
Access your boat information such as position and speed via voice while on board and at home via the Digital Yacht iKommunicate NMEA data Gateway. ( https://ikommunicate.com/ ).

To access your own boat's information with this skill you will need a Digital Yacht NMEA Gateway device connected to the NMEA instruments on board and a valid device id. You can try out the skill without having an iKommunicate device and will receive information from our test boat Sarita sailing in the English Channel.

Ask: “Alexa, ask iKommunicate for my position”
Response: “Sarita, is travelling North East at 6 Knots in the English channel currently 5 miles south west of Plymouth”

Ask: “Alexa, ask iKommunicate the depth”
Response:“ Sarita, depth below transducer is 3 meters”

Say: “Alexa, ask iKommunicate the wind”
Response: “Sarita, apparent wind force 4, 16 Knots, angle 26 degrees.”

Ask: “Alexa, ask iKommunicate my exact position”
Response: “Sarita, Latitude 52 degrees 1 minute North, Longitude 1 degree 52 minutes West”

Check your boat is still in the Marina! Let friends at home check on your position. Please contact support@digitalyacht.co.uk to obtain an Alexa device id for your own iKommunicate gateway device.