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Miele. Immer besser.
Miele is making your smart home an experience. Our Miele Skill makes it easy to start using your voice to control your networked Miele appliances*, and lets you get any helpful household advice you might need as well.

Activate our Miele Skill for Alexa, and then get started by saying:

“Alexa, open Miele…” for an introduction.

To start using functions right away, you could, for example, try saying:

“Alexa, ask Miele, if the door of my fridge is closed.”
“Alexa, tell Miele, I want to start the washing machine with cottons.”
“Alexa, ask Miele to show me the status of my devices. ”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re still on your way home or have already settled down on the sofa – our skill keeps you informed about how much time an appliance has left to run, finds you delicious recipes, and lets you send the robot vacuum cleaner to the rooms that need a clean. What’s more, you can also set reminders using the Reminder function – an effortless way to organise your day.

Our skill lets you use simplified voice commands by connecting to Alexa’s own Smart Home functionalities** (you’ll find a number of these commands in your Alexa app by looking up the appliances connected). For example, say:
“Alexa, start the vacuum on turbo.” (robot vacuum cleaner)
“Alexa, turn hood cooking light on.” (cooker hood)
“Alexa, turn on fridge-freezer fast cool.” (refrigerator)

Our Miele Skill integrates your appliances into your own personal routine. All you need to do is configure a series of commands in the Alexa app for a whole new experience of the future of intelligent appliance control.

Immerse yourself in the smart world of Miele. Go to https://www.miele.co.uk/c/mielehome-51.htm to find new inspiration and learn useful information about topics such as digital assistance and Smart Living, or for examples of other voice commands.

We hope you’ll have a great time discovering our Miele Skill
Your Miele Voice Team


To connect your appliances, you’ll need a Miele@home account and our Miele App or the Miele Scout app (for robot vacuum cleaners) – they’re available for free in all the usual app stores.
You can create a Miele@home account any time by going to www.miele.co.uk, or set one up directly in the apps. Once you’ve done so, link up your account in the Alexa app to make all the appliances you’ve added automatically visible for Alexa.
Alternatively, using the “Connect Miele account” button on the “Smart Features” tab in the Miele app is a convenient way to link up your Miele identity with Alexa without entering your user data.

*This applies to newer appliances for laundry (W1F/T1F/WT1F or newer), fridges and freezers, coffee machines, steam ovens, Dialog ovens, and all ovens and combination ovens 7xxx (e.g. with an integrated microwave), warming drawers, dishwashers and cooker hoods, as well as robot vacuum cleaners.

**To control appliances using Amazon Alexa’s Smart Home function, start by adding it to the Alexa app by using the Find Appliances function, or by saying: “Alexa, discover my devices.”


Are you satisfied? Then feel free to rate our skill here. Do you need more information? Answers to frequently asked questions, or contact information, can be found
online at: https://www.miele.co.uk/c/troubleshooting-159.htm
or by sending an email to: info@miele.co.uk
or by calling the hotline at: +358 9 875 970