Craft Helper - Unofficial Minecraft Assistant

Craft Helper - Unofficial Minecraft Assistant

by Iron Raptor Digital
Craft Helper is an unofficial Minecraft assistant that helps you find information without having to browse or search for it. Simply ask it your question based on the examples below and it will do its best to find that information for you. If there is any information missing or should be added please let us know. We are constantly adding synonyms for crafting items.

Here are some examples of commands you can say (start with "Alexa, ask craft helper..."):

“... tell me how to ...”
“... how do you ...”

“... blast sandstone”
“... brew potion of healing”
“... cook baked potato”
“... cut cobblestone slab”
“... smelt iron ore”
“... smoke kelp”

“... breed sheep”
“... heal wolf”
“... tame horse”

“... random recipe”
“... tell me a random recipe”
“... what is a random recipe”
“... give me a random recipe”

“... random tip”
“... tell me a tip”
“... what is a tip for minecraft”
“... give me a minecraft tip”

“... use diamond”
“... what are the uses for glass”
“... what use does cobblestone have”
“... how do I use a stick”

“... find stone”
“... where can I find diamonds”
“... where might I find horses”
“... how do I find leather”

Data Updated: 2021-03-28
Data Version: 21w11a (1.17)

2021-03-28: APL Screens for command list and speech
2020-05-01: Fixes and speed improvements
2019-08-24: Added 1.15 snapshot data and tips
2019-07-26: v2.0 - Added 1.14 recipes and refactored for SDK 2.0+
2018-03-09: Increased details for Crafting, Smelting, and Use information
2017-12-05: Recipes updated to 1.13 & Added Fireworks and Potions
2017-08-27: Flowers translate
2017-08-20: Crafting/Building/Smelting check each other for recipes
2017-08-05: Smelting recipes & added repeat command
2017-07-25: Added slot synonyms
2017-07-16: Required materials and quantity read before recipe
2017-07-05: Initial release

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